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Training Tips

Help For Your Puppy!

* I’m thinking of getting a puppy!
  Dr. Ian Dunbar’s “BEFORE You Get   Your Puppy” 

* How should I socialize my new puppy?  Margaret Hughe’s “The Puppy’s Rule of Twelve”        

* My puppy keeps biting me!
  Sandi Pensinger’s “How To Deal With Puppy Nipping and Mouthing” 

* Oh My!  I brought home TWO puppies!                                                     Lisa Moore's "Raising Two Puppies"

* How do I housetrain my puppy?                                                                   SF SPCA’s “Puppy Housetraining Checklist” 

Training Videos!

* How Do I Teach My Dog To Sit?                                                             Zoe's "How To" Video

* How Do I Teach My Dog To Lie Down?                                                 Zoe's "How To" Video

Help for Your Adult Dog!

* How do I housetrain my adult dog?                                                          SF SPCA’s “Adult Housetraining Checklist”

* How do I crate train my dog?
  Humane Society of the United State’s “Crate Training”

* How do I introduce my new dog to my resident dog?                                Yvette Stahr from BAD RAD Explains

* How should kids and dogs interact?                                                         Dr. Sophia Yin's "How Kids Should and Should Not Interact with Dogs"

* My dog barks and lunges at other dogs when we go for a walk!       Paula Benton’s “Solutions for Leash Launching Dogs” - coming soon

* My dog pulls on-leash!

* My dog needs to wear a muzzle on Muni and at the Vet’s office
  Dr. Colleen Koch's Pictorial Guide

* My dog was sprayed by a skunk!

* My dog just ate something from my garden!

* I think my dog may have separation anxiety!

* My dog growls around his food bowl!

* My dog won’t come when I call him!

* How can I be a great leader for my dog?
  Meredith Gage & Trish King’s “People Empowerment Program”

* My dog freaks out during thunderstorms!

* What is Clicker Training and how do I get started?

* I hear conflicting information from friends, what is true?

* My dog is dominant, should I alpha-roll him?

* What does “Nothing In Life Is Free” mean in dog training?

Help For Your Cat!
* I need cat training and  behavior help! (domestic and feral)
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