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We'd Love Your Help!

Our Wish List

PBDT is committed to providing free animal care resources to people and pets in need.  Please help us fulfill our mission by donating the following:

* Dog and Cat Food (dry & canned)
* Yummy Dog and Cat Treats 
* Harnesses, Collars and Leashes
* Kongs or Any Food Puzzles
* Dog & Cat Toys
* Crates and Animal Carriers
* Cat Litter & Boxes

Volunteer Trainers
PBDT is currently looking for more positive, reward-based trainers to join us at VETSOS clinics.  We are looking for people who are comfortable talking and listening to animal owners and who enjoy forming new relationships.  Trainers need to be flexible and creative.  The time we spend with clients is short and on-the-spot.  Training, management and behavior modification recommendations need to be concise and simple.  All new volunteers will work with a mentor to get a feel for things.  This is truly one of the most fun and rewarding training adventures you will experience! Please check out our Calendar or the dates posted on our VET SOS Partner page. Make some time to join us and submit the brief application below.

Volunteer Trainer Application

Volunteer trainers are asked to commit to:

 two full-day clinics 

or four half-day clinics a year.

Telephone numbers:
Email address:
Can you commit to: two full-day clinics or four half-day clinics a year?
What clinic dates would you like to volunteer at?
Please list your animal training experience:
Please list any questions you have for us:
Please share any thoughts you have for us:

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