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Private Training & Consultations

Personal Training

Yes, you love your dog! But are you frustrated with or worried about some of your dog’s behaviors?  Do you have training goals you would like help to accomplish?  Paula Benton can customize an easy-to-follow training and management plan for you to turn your dog into a pet you are proud of.   Private training can take place in the privacy of your home, a local park or at Paula’s place in Noe Valley.   Paula is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior coach (see “Paula’s Bio” page) committed to humane, pain-free, positive reinforcement training.  All dogs love learning when motivated positively.  Paula’s creative one-on-one training will resolve your dog’s issues quickly while at the same time have you fall in love with the art and science of dog training.  You can have the kind of relationship and communication you dream of with your furriest family member.  The initial hour and a half consultation is $125 and all subsequent one-hour trainings are $85/session.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Let Paula help you with:
* house/potty training 
* crate training
* basic good manners at home and in public
* fun and safe dog-human play skills
* teaching your dog tricks
* come when called indoors and outdoors
* barking out the windows/doors
* barking when the door bell rings
* digging up the backyard
* chewing on furniture and non-dog items
* kitchen counter surfing
* jumping on people to say “hello”
* growling, barking and lunging at other dogs when on-leash
* pulling on leash when taking walks
* frustration, discomfort or anxiety when left alone
* disagreements with other pets in the home
* guarding food or objects from people or other dogs
* difficulty meeting new people


Paula’s Pledge                                                                    Finding the very best help to keep you and your pet happy and healthy is important.  So if Paula thinks there is a different trainer, behavioral expert, veterinarian, or veterinary behaviorist who will resolve your concerns more timely, Paula pledges to refer you immediately.


Paula? Can’t you just train my dog for me?
Yes! If the thought of trying to schedule one more weekly responsibility into your already over-extended calendar makes your head spin - Paula will be delighted to train your dog in your home for you.
  Her preference is to schedule 2 or 3, half-hour training sessions a week (pending availability).  Based on the goals discussed in the initial consultation, you and Paula will determine the number of sessions needed and desired.  The last session will be devoted to teaching you how to maintain your dog’s fantastic new skills.  The initial hour and a half consultation is $125 and all subsequent 1/2-hour trainings are $40/session.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Assistance Dog Training
Paula Benton is a certified assistance dog trainer who specializes in training dogs for mobility assistance.
  She can also train hearing dogs for people who are deaf or hard-of- hearing.  Let Paula help train your new service dog with beginning to advanced skills or simply “tune up” a dog you have had for years.  The initial hour and a half consultation is $125.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Are You Thinking About Getting a Dog?                                     All to often we hear stories of people who have fallen in love with a photo of a dog and after getting the dog home realized they made a terrible mistake and the dog was not a good match for them.  Animal behavior scientists agree that human nurturing is not the only significant element to raising a stable, happy dog.  Genetics, neo-natal development and newborn/early puppyhood environments play an integral role in how a dog’s personality and temperament are formed.  Paula can conduct an assessment of the dog you are considering and give you an experienced professional opinion if the dog is right for you, your lifestyle and your family.  The assessment is $95 plus related travel expenses.  Please call Paula at 415.525.9528 to make arrangements.  

Private Training & Consultation Form

       Please answer the questions below as best you can and submit.           Paula Benton will respond to you by email to arrange an appointment.  

Thank you.

Please Note: the analysis and recommendations made by Paula Benton will be based on the below written history, in-person verbal discussions and observation of the dog.  In no way should it be construed as a guarantee of future behavior.  The client will not hold Paula Benton/Training Wheels San Francisco, or its agents liable for any behavior which occurs prior to, during, or following any training, tutoring or consultation.   The dog owner assumes all responsibility for the behavior of their dog. 

Owner's name:
Names of additional family members living with dog (please include children's ages):
Street address:
Zip code:
Home phone number:
Cell or work phone number:
Owner's email address:
Dog's name:
Is your dog male or female?:
Dog's age and date of birth if known:
Do you have any other pets in your home?  Please list them:
At what age did you get your dog? From where?
Including yourself, do you know how many owners your dog has had?
What does your dog eat?  How much and how often?
Does your dog take any medications currently? Please list them:
What kind of exercise does your dog get daily?
Does your dog go to daycare, group or single walks with a professional?  How often?
Does your dog go to dog parks?  How often?
Do you use a crate for your dog? How often and how long is he/she contained?
To your knowledge, has your dog ever been attacked or bitten by another dog? At what age and where?
To your knowledge has your dog ever bitten or nipped another dog? Please describe:
To your knowledge has your dog ever bitten or nipped a person? Please describe:
What concerns you about your dog?
When did the problem/s begin (age of dog, any household changes, etc.)?
What training or issues would you like to work on?
What have you tried and has it helped?
Any additional information you would like us to know?
How did you hear about about Paula?
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